Tours du cœur


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Martine, a cycling enthusiast, tells her story and her passion for adventure, effort and sharing.

My challenge was to create a souvenir book retracing her story, true to the imprint she left in the hearts of her family members and of those who accompanied her.

50 years old, 50 days, 50 stages

For its 50th birthday, Martine got on her bike to ride around France. It was a dream come true. She rode along the coasts and the borders. It was a sporting, humanitarian and solidarity challenge for the benefit of young people with disabilities.

She renewed the adventure in 2004.

At 55 years old, she travelled the South-East of France in 55 stages.

Then in 2019

After a serious accident in 2011, she got back on her bike in 2019, at the age of 70, for a journey… of 70 days.



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